Combining the intensity of modern rock with all the emotion involved in traditional punk, Cornwall Chee is here to prove their radical style is not a fleeting attempt at sticking to a trend, but a true declaration of the passion they hold for their music.

“Our mission is to raise the hair on the back of the listeners neck with gut blowing distortion mixed with sympathetic melodies,” explains lead vocalist/guitarist Jef Esquerra. “…also world peace through sound. Or maybe find someone to marry.

This enthusiasm is not only a welcome ray of light in what can be a cynical industry, but it is the attitude that has carried the band from its start, nearly ten years ago, to its growing success today. Begun as a dream of Jef’s while lying on his bottom bunk, back on the rez in Arizona.

Cornwall Chee was so named after the bass player in Bandgrenade, a bar band in Parker AZ. He was a ghost. He would walk into the bar from the desert and lay down incredible bass lines without any practice. He would amaze the crowd with music and then disappear into that goodnight. Because of this, I pay tribute.

— Jef Esquerra